Wild is a biker racing game in which you ride a chopper on wild roads. It’s all about speed, fun and rock and roll.



The game takes place in the wild biker’s world with a light and fun atmosphere due to a cartoonish graphical style, and an arcade oriented gameplay.


Key features

  • Infinite number of tracks

The tracks are procedural, that means that your experience is different every time you play because roads are randomly generated by your computer and there is an infinite number of possible combinations. In this way one will not have to lean by heart a track to be able to compete with hard core players.

  • High Speed and fun

The gameplay is foremost arcade to focus on the fun and the speed sensations. The controls are simple and the handiness is high. However there are little subtilities such as boost and position managment so that hardcore players will find a real challenge to master the game.

  • Being a bad ass

This game with its many possibilities of character and bikes customization allow the player to embody the bad ass he has always wanted (but never dared) to be.

Bike customizations: pipes, handle bars, fuel tank picture, wheels Character customizations: jackets, helmets, tattoos

  • Metal up your ears

The soundtrack will be composed and recorded by Deïmos a french Trash band. You do not know what trash is? Well you know Metallica don’t you?

The game modes

There are classical racing game modes like single race against AIs, and online race and championships, but with fewer formalities: no start line, no chronometers just start from the bar and try to end at the bar in first position.

There are also more original game modes like:

Distance attack: go the further you can before your bikes explodes (the landing point of your body is taken into account) with worldwide multiplatform leaderboard.

The long jump: get the longest jumps along the track and end up with a nice long jump in a lake (no water wings provided)

The off-road tree slalom: no road this time, just ride as fast as you can through the forest and try to avoid trees. You may get an artistic bonus anyway if you make a nice crash


The game will first be released in a free to play (and free to win) web player version After that in a PC/Mac/Linux version with a lot more content (environments, bikes, bikers, helmets, and bike customization parts) will be released on download platforms (probably steam).

The full version will be achieved within 3 months – 1 year according to funding goal reached and number of employees

According to the funds raised there may also be an Android (Ouya), an IOS, and possibly on XBLA, PSN and WII-U (e-shop) versions

Follow the development and learn how video games are made.

We will allow you to follow the game development closely giving you access to development versions, planning, tasks lists, and explain to you many of the secrets of the game development through web pages dedicated to the “making of” of the game.

Be part of the decision process

At each development phases, funders will be invited for the next feature thay want to have next.